A Soundtrack & A Smile #1

The Smile:

It’s a very chilly morning here in southern California. I love it! I love this time of year. The beauty of fall and winter is like no other.  I’ve decided to do a weekly blog, to document what is on my mind with the added bonus of that days soundtrack. Who knows how long this will last, but here we go.

I’ve recently come back from a 5+ month long break on Facebook. I am still questioning this decision and I am not 100% back in the saddle. This year in social media has been one for the books. The built up to this election has proved even more asinine and  ridiculous than the last two put together. I love a good discussion with differences of opinions, but this is not what the internet supplies. It brings forth unresearched memes & ignorant rants. So many people seem to be lying in wait to pounce and fight over the silliest of things. Scarier still is the amount of people who do not seem to understand the basic concept of researching bills, props, and candidates. They seem to lack the knowledge of anything that has come before this election and how important that the political history is. You get the picture! There is so much more, but it wears me out .


I’ve gone back to a favorite past time, reading. I used to chain read and I am finding a lot of joy reading new books and re-reading the classics. It keeps the mind open and ready. Though I shall not lie, the occasional binge watch is still in order. I’ve read  a few good bios/memoirs this year. Join me at  GoodReads  if you want.

The adventures of this past week have been run over by something that is looming overhead. Something that may or may not happen, that I have no control over and yet it affects me. It is bringing up certain things from the past and has had me frozen for the past couple of weeks. All I can do is what I can do and try not to let this overwhelm me or dictate my actions. We all have things that come our way that we work through, so that is what I am now doing. I feel as though I am just getting up after having the wind knocked out of me.

Normally this will be a weekly catch up, this post was longer and less fun than those to come, ha. I guess it’s harder than I thought to just jump in and start blogging.




The Soundtrack:

(This mornings soundtrack started off with Frank Zappa and The Yardbirds, but quickly morphed into the first 4 Blondie albums)

Frank Zappa – Suzy Creamcheese

Yardbirds – For your love

Blondie (1976)
Plastic Letters (1978)
Parallel Lines (1978)
Eat to the Beat (1979)