Good Morning

It’s early and the sun is peeking through the sky, breaking up the chilly morning air. I’m sitting outside drinking tea and wondering if today will be another freezing winter day in California. You know the ones where we are wearing shorts because it is in the  mid to high 70’s. Such a crazy thought that while we sit here in the middle of a drought and hot weather, across the country was buried in snow last week. Enough about the weather.


Sipping my tea and enjoying the morning, I am on a self imposed FaceBook break. Probably one of the best choices to start my year. I have a love/hate relationship with social media to begin with, but it really came to a head, like an ugly pimple, at the end of last year with all the insane political and religious rants and postings. Not to mention watching 30-50 year olds act like junior high school bullies. Oh and let’s not forget the billion memes that jammed up timelines across the board, which were misquoted or just flat out incorrect. To much bogus information flying at me started to outweight the good stuff. This break feels good and the static is starting to leave my head!

As I sit here I realize that my plate is pretty full and that it is entirely a good thing. I have quite a few projects lined up for this year. Some I can’t yet reveal and others that include music, art, and photography, but for today I am just going to finish my tea, enjoy the sun, and find my center.

Have a good one!



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