It’s that time of year again, Autumn, when the days grow shorter and the crisp air swirls around us. It is my favorite time of year. There is a certain beauty to the foliage is changing colors, smells of roaring fireplaces , pulling out sweaters, and filling up on comfort food. It is a joyous time for me. It takes me back to all that was good in childhood. Not to say the other three seasons aren’t wonderful in their own way and hold an abundance of memories. I grew up in Southern California – of course summer has it’s special place. During this time I feel the year leaving and look forward to what is coming next, I feel more in the moment than any other time while the intense grip of nostalgia has me in its hold. A wonderful time all around.

This is also a time for Sunday’s in bed with a good movie or 7, lol. Not just any movies either, but the perfect time to bring out my campy horror flicks. Recently I have been cleaning off old external hard-drives and have come across a plethora of awesome films that I forgot I even had. No, not just horror, but this is genre I am most excited about today. Years ago when designing websites, art pieces, posters, flyers, etc., I used to use my second computer for music, movies, & video’s. Of course this was prior to Youtube, Netflix and Hulu (most of these movies are prior to 2005*). I just (until now) had not remembered putting these movies on my hard drive from VHS & DVD. Pleasant surprise! Okay, enough chatter. Here is a list of the movies I have and will be watching this fall. This list only includes what is on my xternal and not my full collection of campy horror/horror/Asian Horror..


Horror, Campy Horror

A Nightmare on Elm Street
Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddy’s Revenge 1985
Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors 1987
Nightmare on Elm Street 4 The Dream Master 1988
Nightmare on Elm Street 5 The Dream Child 1989
Nightmare on Elm Street 6 Freddy’s Dead 1991
Nightmare on Elm Street 7 Freddy Vs. Jason 2003
New Nightmare 1994

Alice Sweet Alice 1976
Black Christmas 1974
Bloody Birthday 1981
Dolly Dearest  1992
Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark 1973
Don’t Deliver Us From Evil 1970
Don’t Look Now 1973
Eyes Without A Face 1960

Final Destination 1 2000
Final Destination 2 2003
Final Destination 3 2006
Final Destination 4 The Final Destination 2009
Final Destination 5 2011

Friday The 13th 1980
Friday The 13th Part 2 1981
Friday The 13th Part 3 1982
Friday The 13th The Final Chapter 1984
Friday The 13th A New Begining 1985
Friday The 13th Jason Lives 1986
Friday The 13th The New Blood 1988
Friday The 13th Jason Takes Manhattan 1989
Friday The 13th Jason Goes To Hell, The Final Friday 1993
Friday The 13th 2009

Graduation Day 1981

Halloween 1978
Halloween 1981
Halloween Season of the Witch 1983
Halloween The Return of Michael Meyers 1988
Halloween The Revenge of Michael Meyers 1989
Halloween The Curse of Michael Meyers 1995
Halloween H20 20 Years Later 1998
Halloween Resurrection 2002
Halloween 1 Remake 2007
Halloween 2 Remake 2009

Happy Birthday to Me 1981
Hell Night 1981
Let’s Scare Jessica To Death 1971
Orca 1977
Parents 1989

Scream 1 1996
Scream 2 1997
Scream 3 2000
Scream 4 2011

Slaughter High 1986

Sleepaway Camp 1 1983
Sleepaway Camp 2 Unhappy Campers 1988
Sleepaway Camp 3 Teenage Wasteland 1989

Slumber Party Massacre 1982
Slumber Party Massacre 3 1987

Tales From the Crypt 1972
Tales From the Crypt The Vault of Horror 1973
Tales From the Crypt Demon Knight 1995
Tales From the Crypt Bordello of Blood 1996
Tales From the Crypt Presents Ritual 2002

The Funhouse 1981

The Grudge l 2004
The Grudge 2 2006
The Grudge 3 2009

The Godsend 1980
The House On Sorority Row 1983
The Last House On The Left 1982
The Nail Gun Massacre 1985
The Virgin Witch 1972
Tourist Trap 1979
Twins Of Evil 1971


Now to decide which films to watch for the month of October!



*There are of course some movies after 2005 that I have included because they are part of a series of movies and I own them.



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