Adventures await all who enter. I suggest keeping all body parts in the trolley as we cruise.

Well I finally put BrokenDoll to bed. No, no not an actual doll, my website brokendoll .org . She had a good run from 1999 to 2014. I needed to step away from all that was holding me back and after social media that site was killing me softly with it’s words….or lack there of. Also my StellaAdore dot com site is being put away for now. Until then this is where I will spill my thoughts.

With everything that I have ventured through in the past 5 years I decided this year is a year for living and not having anything or person drag me down. It was a hard decision, but damn it feels great.

So this will be the place were all my musings and word vomit will play out. Join me!


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